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Winged Letter_reducedHave you thought about playing roller derby? Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby is always recruiting guys age 18 and up to skate for the Cleveland Guardians! We’re always looking for officials and volunteers too!

If you want to learn more about the sport, check out what we do, and see if playing with is your cup of tea, stop by Rec-O-Rama Roller Derby every Wednesday night at 8:30 in Brunswick at Brunswick Skate Station. Rental skates are available and if you let us know you’re coming we can line up protective gear for you to borrow.

Send us a message at our Facebook Page at Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby or send us an email at if you’d like more info on trying out this awesome, fast-growing sport.

Hey there, derby fans! I’m Big Dan Hero (“Hero” for short) and I’m one of our skaters here at Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby. I’m going to be blogging here at CMRD every now and then to talk about derby-related stuff like rules, equipment, strategy, and community.

I grew up here in Cleveland and fell in love with roller derby in 2011. I grabbed a pair of skates, some pads, and a striped shirt and became a referee for a WFTDA league. I couldn’t keep the idea of seeing men’s derby in Northeast Ohio out of my head so once I finally got connected to the right enthusiastic dudes we started this thing we now know as CMRD.

My next post is going to be a crash course in basic derby gear so if you’re looking to join us but have no idea about what gear you need, stay tuned!

In the mean time, my section of our blog needs a name! Do you have any fun, silly, or witty ideas for what to call it? Leave your ideas in the comments below. If it’s awesome enough, I might just use your name!


Head_Leaning_reducedPut on some skates and join us at Rec O Rama Roller Derby Wednesday at Brunswick Skate Station! $5 if you’re skating or no charge if you want to just stop by on foot and see what it is we do. Fun starts at 8:30pm! We will be starting basics skills training this week for anyone interested in slapping on some pads and learning the basic requirements to skate with BRRG in its scrimmages.

We have partnered with Rec-O-Rama Roller Derby to provide our potential new skaters a place to learn the basic of roller derby and skating. Every Wednesday at 8:30pm, our team meets at Brunswick Skate Station to skate and we would want YOU to join us! This practice time provides training on skating techniques, roller derby fundamentals, and a chance to meet new skaters. To participate, you are required to wear:

  • Helmet
  • Mouthguard
  • Wristguards
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads
  • Quad skates

CMRD does have a random assortment of gear that we can loan to interested parties and skates can be rented through the roller rink. You can also come to a practice to observe, without having to get geared up. Our team is new, but we are growing every week and always seeking new skaters. So come to one of our practices this Wednesday and see what roller derby is all about!

Brunswick Skate Station is located here