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Want to get your skate on during the off season?

Come out to Rec-O-Rama on Wednesday nights in Brunswick!

Be sure to check the Rec Facebook page @ for schedule details.

There are a few Wednesdays during the holidays (think the day before Thanksgiving) when Rec doesn’t happen.

Things keep rolling along for the Cleveland Guardians.

Last weekend, we had the privilege of hosting the Pittsburgh Blue Streaks and Detroit Men’s Roller Derby for a triple header!


Looking forward to seeing those guys again, soon, on the roller rink!

Cleveland Men’s Roller Derby will kick off an exciting new season at The Wheels of Revolution: Detroit Men’s Roller Derby on Saturday, March 26th.

Saturday, May 7th, the Guardians will start their home season hosting Baltimore’s Harm City Havoc!


Complete Schedule:

@Detroit – March 26th

@Philadelphia Hooligans – April 16th

@Pittsburgh – April 30th

Home versus Baltimore Harm City Havoc – May 7th

Home Triple Header – Cleveland/Pittsburgh/Detroit – May 14th

@Pittsburgh Wheels of Steel Tournament – June 10th to 12th

@Cincinnati Battering Rams – June 25th

Home Triple Header – Cleveland/Cincinnati/New Jersey – July 23rd

Home Co-Ed Mixed Scrimmage – July 24th

@Kentucky – August 6th

Home Summer Affair – August 12th to 14th

@Baltimore Harm City Havoc – August 27th

@Marietta (unsanctioned) – October 22nd

Winged Letter_reducedYour Cleveland Guardians look to defend their home soil against the Lexington Dark Horses [Lexington, Kentucky] on July 11th. Bout held at The House of the Guardians [Euclid CE Orr Ice Arena – 22550 Milton Ave. Euclid OH 44123]. Doors at 5:00 PM with bout @ 6:00 PM. Come out and cheer on your Guardians in this inter-state rivalry!

Saturday June 28th at 9:30am to noon

Cleveland Guardians vs. Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany)

Location: Euclid Ice Arena CE Orr

22550 Milton Dr, Euclid, OH

Saturday June 27th at noon to 4pm

Guardians vs. Cincinnati Battering Rams followed by

Capital District Trauma Authority (Albany) vs. Cincinnati Battering Rams

Location: Euclid Ice Arena CE Orr

22550 Milton Dr, Euclid, OH


CMRD is making progress! Results from the 2015 Midwest Brewhaha:

Bismark Bomberz 285 – Guardians 88

Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg – Guardians 94

Springfield Hooligans 470 – Guardians 109

The Ladies of NEO taught us a few things about derby the other night. NEO 399 – Guardians 83.
At least we held ’em under 400!

On Saturday, March 7th, 2015, the Cleveland Guardians hit a milestone with our first offical bout against a MRDA certified men’s team. The inaugural Battle of Ohio pitted the Guardians against the Cincinnati Battering Rams.

Final score: Rams 456 – Guardians 27

Some might call this a lopsided defeat. I prefer to think we were wearing them down. Thankfully, we get another shot at ’em in a few months when they come to visit us here in Cleveland.

Our first bout also happened to be the last bout for one of our league founders, Lumberjerk. LJ took home MVP Jammer and we’ll look forward to knocking him around after he gets settled in with his new team in Springfield, IL. Thanks for all you’ve done for this league, Jerk. You’ll be missed!

Roller derby equipment options can be pretty overwhelming for a new or potential skater. Choosing the right equipment for you is important but how do you know where to start? I’ll try to give you some ideas of what to look for.

Your helmet is the piece of equipment that will be most likely to save your life, or at least maintain your quality of life if really horrible things happen. Your skates and your pads will help you prevent injury, but your helmet protects your brain. The rest of your body can heal, but once your brain gets busted it’s going to stay busted.

The three types of helmets that are commonly seen out on roller derby tracks are skateboard helmets, hockey helmets, and bicycle helmets. All three types have advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about all three categories.
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