Cleveland Guardians

Guardians versus Battering Rams

On Saturday, March 7th, 2015, the Cleveland Guardians hit a milestone with our first offical bout against a MRDA certified men’s team. The inaugural Battle of Ohio pitted the Guardians against the Cincinnati Battering Rams.

Final score: Rams 456 – Guardians 27

Some might call this a lopsided defeat. I prefer to think we were wearing them down. Thankfully, we get another shot at ’em in a few months when they come to visit us here in Cleveland.

Our first bout also happened to be the last bout for one of our league founders, Lumberjerk. LJ took home MVP Jammer and we’ll look forward to knocking him around after he gets settled in with his new team in Springfield, IL. Thanks for all you’ve done for this league, Jerk. You’ll be missed!

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